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At Timeless Travels by Teri, we don’t just book “deals”, we provide protection and value to your booking.  Our responsibility is to protect you from disappointments and frustrations while we provide a personalized itinerary filled with valuable experiences.  That is our service guarantee to you.

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Booking Process


First of all, we are so excited that you are interested in working with us and allowing us the opportunity to book your customized vacation.  Here is an overview of the process that we use.

  • We will send you a Client Profile Form to complete for you and your other travelers.

  • After we receive your completed form, we will schedule a complimentary consultation call via phone or Zoom video during which time we will gather your specific ideas and interests.  Any fees connected with your vacation will be discussed and approved.

  • Next, we take your details and start creating your dream getaway.  After we have completed the research, we will present 2-3 customized itineraries for your upcoming vacation.  The date that you should expect to receive this information will be discussed during the consultation call.

  • Within 2 days of sending your itineraries, we will follow up with you to review your options and discuss changes if necessary.

  • Once you decide on your top itinerary, your deposit will be applied to your reservation and the final payment date will be finalized by the supplier.  We will then book the entire trip for you, including your flights, resort or cruise, transfers and activities.  We will also include special perks like spa reservations, dinners on the beach that will add value to your overall awesome, stress-free experience. 

  • After final payment, your itinerary and documents will be sent to you via the app, Axus, and by mail if requested.

  • Now the fun begins as you count down the days until your amazing trip and find out more about your destination.



At Timeless Travels by Teri, we do more than just book your vacation.  Our role extends way beyond the booking process.  We look out for your best interests before, during and after travel and protect your vacation dollars and hours.  We are available to assist when necessary due to the connections and relationships that we have with our supplier partners.  We also try to get the extras so that every detail is taken care for you.


And just like other professionals, we may charge a fee for our expertise and our commitment to making your vacation the best experience possible.  If you are looking for a true partner with the connections to get you the best value, then we can’t wait to start working with you.  

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In some cases, there may be no fees charged based on the research and level of planning involved with your requested package.  Here is the breakdown of our fees, which will be explained to you for your approval before we begin designing your customized vacation: 

  • Traditional Getaway (7-10 days):  $100.00

  • Extended Getaway (11 + days):  $200.00

  • Groups:  Fees based on number of travelers


We also charge fees for cancellations and revisions once a deposit has been made.

  • $50.00/pp once the deposit has been paid and prior to final payment.

  • $100.00/pp after final payment.   

These change/cancellation fees must be paid in cash or certified check and your cancellation request must be received in writing along with the fee before the reservation will be cancelled with the supplier.

Timeless Travels by Teri specializes in providing excellent customer service. We research numerous suppliers to ensure that we have received the best pricing on airfare, cruise fares, car rentals, accommodations, activities, based on your desired travel dates and availability.  We want to customize a trip complete with all of your travel dreams.  We are here for you every step of the way. 


Allow us to create timeless memories for you that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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